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Join Nature Guides Otago for small group expert-guided wildlife adventures and a journey of discovery!

In-depth Peninsula Experience

Depart with your Nature Guide for in-depth exploration of Otago Peninsula with its spectacular scenery, nature and wildlife. Focus will be on native forest, tidal inlet bird life, marine mammals, Northern Royal Albatross, and Yellow-eyed Penguins. The itinerary allows for some flexibility and will be fine-tuned on the day. We are happy to include features to suit particular interests, weather and time permitting.
Start your peninsula excursion with a scenic drive on the high road to the remote side of the Otago Peninsula with its tidal inlets where, depending on tide and season, a variety of birds can be observed. Take a walk through regenerating native bush or visit a private peninsula property where we can see conservation in action and may provide an opportunity to contribute to ongoing re-vegetation by planting a native tree. We will find a nice spot for picnic lunch on the beach or at a lookout with stunning views of the beaches, cliffs, geological features, and the vast Pacific Ocean (weather permitting). Further along the peninsula, Northern Royal Albatross are breeding in the only mainland breeding colony of any albatross species in the world. This will be another highlight of the day with the option of either a one-hour guided tour of the Taiaroa Head Albatross Colony or a one-hour harbour cruise on the MV Monarch to view these majestic birds in flight. Otago Peninsula is home to the largest mainland breeding population of the increasingly rare Yellow-eyed Penguins - and they will take center stage for 1.5 hours on our In-depth Peninsula Experience.

Departure: 10.30 am. Duration approx. 8 hours, picnic lunch,
afternoon tea and all admission included.  
The tour is not suitable for children below the age of 12 and a reasonable level of fitness is required

We provide pick up and drop off within Dunedin city.

We operate with a minimum 2 people. We prefer to conduct the tours with a maximum of 4 people as this allows for flexibility and the opportunity to tailor to individual requirements.

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